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5 under $50 must have purchases for your photography business



  1. A reflector . -$46 –  The primary purpose of a reflector is to bounce light. In my years of photography, I have had a love/hate relationship with my reflector. I have gone through phases of taking my reflector everywhere I go and phases where it sat in a closet for 8 months at a time. But, I must say, the reflector is officially here to stay! On more than one occasion, my reflector has saved my butt, particularly in low-light situations in clients’ homes. I love being able to fold my reflector back up into a tiny little disc and keep in the trunk of my car, and it can instantly change the quality of my images. Definitely a must-have.
  2. Expodisc – $49 – An Expodisc is one of the best ways to set a custom white balance, which is the key to making sure your images have the perfect balance of cool and warm tones. While you can adjust temperature in Photoshop, it is best to get everything right in camera first, then make small adjustments in your post processing. While I generally prefer Kelvin, an Expodisc is very useful, especially since you may have to fine-tune your eye for Kelvin.
  3. Machforms -$49 . Okay, I will be the first to admit that I was way too late on getting #3 and #4. I always prefered all my contracts to be hand written, formally checked off and signed in front of me. But that requires a lot of paper, a lot of printing, a lot of file cabinet storage , no backup and frankly… it’s just messy. Machforms is a simple online tool for collecting signatures and contracts electronically.  You can make unlimited forms with the plan and even collect payments through your contact! I have a form for my Portrait Agreement and a lengthy Client Questionnaire that every client signs before their session.4.
  4. BlogStomp – $49 – Another purchase I wish I had made WAY sooner! Simply install BlogStomp and import your logo. When you are ready to blog or post on social media sites, just select your images and it adds your watermark for you. If you need to resize images, simply import them from your folder, and it will automatically resize them and add your logo. You can even create fun layouts with multiple images. Seriously, watch the video on the homepage. You will decide right then you need it!Blog Stomp
  5. Client Order Planning Guide by Design Aglow – $40 –  This is a must have tool for selling! It is a great way to help your clients visualize what their images will look in their home. It assists in helping with proper sizing, framing and matting options! This guide makes for a very streamlined process while making sure your clients are happy with their purchase and know how to best use your services!

5 must haves for your photography business


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