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Perfect Your Custom White Balance Every time with an ExpoDisc

I have had a lot of people asking about my ExpoDisc. What it is, Why I use and how to use it. I invited my fellow photographer friend, Jess, over to help me shoot this tutorial at the end of my maternity session. So what is an ExpoDisc? Well, it basically a high-tech fancy gray card. You use an ExpoDisc to help you set your white balance/color balance setting to perfection. Have you ever had images that come out looking to blue or too warm? If you are a newborn photographer, have you ever had baby skin tones that were just off – maybe really red or really yellow or way too blue/gray? These are the result of several things combined, but one of them being improper white balance settings. Yes, there is an Auto White Balance setting on your camera… don’t use it. While it can sometimes get you close to where you want to be, it is often way too warm or way too cool. The easiest way to get perfect white balance is to use a custom white balance tool such as a gray card or ExpoDisc.

  1. Get your camera settings ready to take a picture and make sure everything, except CWB, is set perfectly (exposure, aperture, shutter speed).
  2. Turn your lens to MF (manual focus). If you don’t your lens will make funny noises trying to focus on something and it won’t take a picture.
  3. Pop the Expo right on the end of your lens. It basically is like having a lens cap that does your white balance for you now.
  4. Stand next to your subject and shoot into your light source/where you will be standing taking your picture.
  5. Take one picture. You will see in your preview screen just a solid gray picture.  This is what you want 🙂
  6. Go to your Menu on your camera settings and select “Custom White Balance”, it will ask you “Use WB data from this image for Custom WB” and you will then have the option to “Cancel” or “OK” select “OK”
  7. Now go into your white balance menu where you have options such as “Auto, Kelvin, Custom” etc and make sure your camera settings are set on custom.
  8. Remove your ExpoDisc from your lens.
  9. Turn your lens back to AutoFocus
  10. Start shooting 🙂

Now, while I am a 50/50  Kelvin and 50/50 Expo girl, there are often time I go in to clients homes who have walls with colors, bright bedspreads or even bright clothing that can cause color casts. In this situation – always Expo.  It will ensure you have great colors and save you a ton of time on editing!

You can purchase them here :


Kala Rath Photography - ExpoDisc TutorialKala Rath Photography - ExpoDisc TutorialKala Rath Photography - ExpoDisc TutorialKala Rath Photography - ExpoDisc Tutorial

Kala Rath Photography - ExpoDisc TutorialKala Rath Photography - ExpoDisc TutorialKala Rath Photography - ExpoDisc Tutorial


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  • March 21, 2015 - 12:15 pm

    Linda - Thanks for the how to on using the Expo disc. I purchased one and haven’t used it yet because I don’t know how to use it. I will use your instructions.ReplyCancel

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