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Why Every Woman Should Book a Maternity Session { Fayetteville, Arkansas Maternity Photographer }

 I recently posed a question on a couple of Kala Rath Photography’s social media pages – “Why are maternity photos important? If you don’t feel they are important, then why?” The answers I received were varied, but several women expressed that they care more about having photos of their newborns than photos of themselves during pregnancy, whether it was for financial reasons (saving money for when the baby comes) or personal insecurity.

Personally, I feel (and am even passionate about the fact that) maternity photos are very important for a number of reasons. It’s true that pregnancy can bring self consciousness, stress and lots of other unwelcome emotions. Whether this is a product of our current airbrushed culture or a timeless concern, I don’t want moms-to-be to feel this way. Being pregnant is a beautiful miracle that should fill a woman with a sense of strength and self-worth beyond anything she ever knew she possessed. That woman is filled with a love she has never known, and a maternal bond that is stronger than anything else she may ever experience. She should be proud of that moment in her life, and cherish both her own strength and the unconditional love that she had for her baby before he/she was even born.

Maternity images exist, at least in my mind, for this exact purpose. You are beautiful and strong, and you should own that. After birth, the whole world changes. Everything is about that child, whether you are a first-timer or this is your sixth child. Life gets busy, your baby grows up and time keeps moving. I want mothers to have professional, stylish, even sexy, images that show off their strength and beauty during this very special nine months.

I often have moms who are nervous about a maternity session and are constantly stressing their fear of their insecurities of their body. I stop, show them back of the camera and when I hear, “Wow, that’s me?! Is that really me?!! I didn’t think I looked like that! I love it!”…… that is why I do them. I love making a woman feel beautiful in her own skin! My job is just to show you everything you are already are!

Be confident.

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

You are mom.

Fayetteville Arkansas Maternity Photographer
      I understand that the family budget is always a concern with a new baby on the way. Because of that, ALL KRP clients who book a newborn shoot in the studio have their maternity session fee waived and are not obligated to purchase any prints or products from the session. You shouldn’t have to choose between having maternity photos and your newborn pics. Now you won’t have to. You are beautiful and strong, and that is definitely worth remembering forever.


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